Gospel Keynotes' CD

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Gospel Keynotes' CD

Postby Bernd » Fri May 12, 2006 3:12 pm

It's time somebody also has to start posting here in "Quartet History"! Otherwise it would mean modern gospel quartet enthusiasts aren't interested in their rich, beautiful and unique heritage!

I bought a CD of the Gospel Keynotes, featuring Willie Neal Johnson today. It's a cheap one and so, there are no further informations about the Keynotes' songs. Who knows when these songs originally had been issued and who are the lead singers?

The CD is: The Gospel Keynotes, feat. Willie Neal Johnson: "Pray On", Universal 440 067 608-2, p & c 2003 (I know the Country Boy passed in January, 2001). Here are the tracks of the CD:

- Aint No Stopping Us Now
- God Has Smiled On Me
- Just One More Time
- I Decided To Make Jesus My Choice
- Pray On
- Tonight's The Night
- God Is Always Standing By
- We Need To Pray
- Trust In Me

Thanks for help.

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Postby babyboyluvquartet » Sat May 20, 2006 11:32 am

It sounds like that CD is a Combination of recording of the Gospel Keynotes. I'm not too sure of the dates, other than some being early 70's and 80's. If I'm correct on the " Pray On" that would be Willie Neal and Rev. Charles McClain lead, Jeffery Newberry, Rev. Teddy Cross and Alfred " Gino" Smith background also Perry " Baby" Taft was a member during some of those years.

Some of those songs mention also had Paul Beasley as one of the lead singers. I'm thinking either they were re-released or if they are the original then I'm postive that Paul is singing certain songs. I had all of the Keynotes LP's during the early Nashboro Records days. but like most people when cassette players came about foolishly got rid of them, what I would give for them today. :)
I know there has to be some Keynotes Scholars that can help out. Some of the earlier years members were Donny( can't ever recall his last night) Willie Neal, Paul Beasley, Gino Smith, Larry McCowin, Val Alexander. Paul Beasley left the keynotes around 1978 or 79, Rev. McClain took over Paul's spot when Rev. McClain left the group Robert Williams came aboard as the years moved on I didn't keep up with who the members were. Hope this helped a little.

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Postby Bernd » Sat May 20, 2006 5:01 pm

Thank you very much Babyboyluvquartet.
It's a compilation with old Keynotes' stuff. I have problems to distinguish Paul Beasley from Charles McLean. But I think the falsetto singer is Paul Beasley. When he left the Keynotes in the late seventies or early eighties he went to be with the Mighty Clouds for a short time. Charles McLean was a member of the Gospelaires before.
I still have a record player. It's much more easy to put a CD into the CD-player but I oftentimes put my old records on the record player. A lot of those old records never have been released again on CD. I've also a lot of cassettes I'm listening from time to time. I would miss both, not having a record player and not having a tape deck.
I think I'll ask my question again on Minister Addison's Collector's Board.
Thanks and regards

D. Addison
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Postby D. Addison » Sun May 21, 2006 10:52 pm

Bernd I do have to say that Universal has really not done one thing right as it pertains to the re-issues of Nashboro, Checker, or Peacock recordings. This compilation on the Keynotes is yet another example. Why this group of songs is coupled together my friend I really don't know. For example, this later version of "Just One More Time" is probally the group's worse recorded. In compiling songs, it would seem that they would stick to a theme of some sort. But alas I always forget that these persons really have no clue as to what they have or what to do with it. I guess you can tell I am a little frustrated about the re-issues of black gospel quartet. Honestly, I know that it's going to take persons that care about the music to start companies to preserve this great heritage. Well, that's enough of my preaching. As a man of history I know you like dates just as much as I do so I will provide you with the info you need below.

- Aint No Stopping Us Now <1979 From LP "Ain't No Stopping Us Now"> Lead Singer Jeffery Newberry

- God Has Smiled On Me <1978 From LP "Gospel Fire"> Lead Singer Willie Neal Johnson Paul Beasley is singing top

- Just One More Time <1980 From LP "Rise Again"> Lead Singer Willie Neal Johnson Charles McLean is singing top

- I Decided To Make Jesus My Choice <1975 From LP "Reach Out"> Lead Singers Willie Neal & Paul Beasley

- Pray On <1979 From "Ain't No Stopping Us Now> Lead Willie Neal Johnson & Charles McLean is singing top

- Tonight's The Night <1977 From "Tonight's The Night"> Lead Paul Beasley

- God Is Always Standing By <1978 From LP "Gospel Fire"> Lead Willie Neal & Paul Beasley

- We Need To Pray <1978 From LP "Gospel Fire"> Lead Willie Neal Johnson & Paul Beasley is singing top.

- Trust In Me <1979 From LP "Ain't Not Stopping Us Now"> Lead Willie Neal & if I remember correctly Jeff Newberry comes in and sings on this one. Charles McLean is singing top.

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Postby Bernd » Mon May 22, 2006 3:36 pm

Thank you very much for the detailed informations, Minister Addison.


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A Keynote...

Postby THawk61 » Sat May 27, 2006 3:51 pm

Hello to everyone,
Its always good to see people still intereted and trying to keep Quartet alive. Especially The Gospel Keynotes. I'm a former member of The Gospel Keynotes. I had the blessed honor of traveling with Willie Neal Johnson for years on up to his death. Afterwards, I had the honor of recording with the great Paul Beasley and Alfred "Gino" Smith on a cd and was the lead singer on 2 songs on that cd. Any History or information about The Keynotes, I can probabbly tell you. For example, I saw in one of the post. His name is Donnie Timmons, one of the original Gospel Keynotes and he is a minister in Texas. Rev Addison, its been a while since I've been on and talked to you. Glad to see you're still doing GOD'S WILL and WORK keeping Quartet alive because believe me, there is a mission to forget Quartet even exists or existed. It really offends me that the Gospel Music Industry its self, tries to act as if we didn't exist. I'm going to try and be on a lot more and more active on the site than I have been. Oh, and by the way, Rev Addison. If you get a chance, please put Track 9 and/or track 10 from the cd "You are the one" by Paul Beasley and The Original Gospel Keynotes on your Radio program on this site. I would really appreciate it. Be BLESSED everyone and KEEP QUARTETS ALIVE.

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